Renewable - clean renewable energy for Mauritius

The field of renewable energy is vast and complex. Our world is blessed with many sources of renewable energy and to mention a few; solar, wind, wave and geothermal energy. The major impediments to harness efficiently these infinite resources were purely for political, technological and economical reasons but today with quantum leap in R&D and increasing awareness in climate change, renewable energy is high on every government agenda.

Maurice Ile Durable

Mauritius has only recently started its campaign for developing a sustainable economy. In any sustainable economy, power is a major hurdle to tackle. Out of the total primary energy requirement in 2009, imported fuels accounted for 83% while the local available sources that are renewables supplied the remaining 17%. The government is aware that the Mauritian economy is heavily dependent on external factors which can undermine its growth. Supply, demand, geopolitical risks and security issues are all influencing factors of oil price. Mauritian government has therefore set a target under the MID project to have 65% autonomy by 2028 in terms of power production.

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Reneworld Ltd

Reneworld Ltd is the latest concept of an already well-diversified portfolio pertaining to NSI Engineering Services Ltd. Its vision is to promote renewable energy solutions to the consumers in Mauritius, whereby, on a macroeconomic level, the island will reduce its dependency on imports of fossil fuels and, on the environmental level, help the global cause of preventing climate change. The team consists of seasoned professional in engineering, management and finance, fusing their wealth of experience to pioneer the renewable energy industry in Mauritius, particularly through Grid Tie Solar Photovoltaic Electricity.

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Solar Installation

Reneworld Ltd specialised in photovoltaic, offer expert advice to help you reach your decision. We will answer your questions on the suitability of the roof, the size of the system and its economic efficiency. We cooperate with your energy supplier for grid connections and installing the feed. We also assist with financing issues.

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Solar Components

Solar modules are made up of a series of photovoltaic cells which captures the sun’s energy and transform it into electricity. Our supplier has chosen the best manufacturers on the market for their performance and affordability.

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