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Solar Tracker

Solar Tracking

Solar Tracking Installation - Increase Your Profit!
At the heart of our activities lie Research & Development programmes, which aim at maximizing your solar energy yield through robust and more efficient solar power stations while keeping your initial investment cost as low as possible. The end results are a shortened payback time and higher returns on your investment. This is all achieved through the solar tracking system, provided to you exclusively by Reneworld Ltd.

Sensor-Controlled Tracking Station
Our tracking system is fitted with a light sensor that points the solar modules towards the brightest points in the sky.

Solar Tracking Installation
Our tracked PV station is offered complete with hot dip galvanized steel and aluminium structures, solar actuators, sensors, and control box, each of which is provided with 5 years warranty.

Solar Tracking - panel movements

Maximise Your Results
Our Solar Tracking System is designed to continually orient photovoltaic panels towards the Sun and help maximize the output of your PV system.

Solar Tracking - Yield Table

The table above summarizes the yield difference between a solar tracking PV installation and a fixed PV station at Vacoas for the period March 2012 to September 2012. The graph on the right clearly illustrates that a higher yield per kWp is obtained with a solar tracking system. We guarantee a surplus yield of minimum 30% with our solar tracking installation.

Solar Tracking - Yield Graph