NSI leverages its partnerships with market leaders over the world to bring a wealth of competence and experience at the doorstep of its customers. Through these networking, we make sure to gain access to a global talent pool of professionals who can help us serve our clients' needs.

Wagner & Co

Established in 1979, the German solar specialist Wagner & Co has now more than 30 years of solar technology and has always remained true to its original ideal: inspiring people with elegant and affordable first class solar technology. Since more than 10 years Wagner & Co is the market leader in the field of large scale solar electric power plants and solar heating installations.

Wagner & Co develops its solar power solutions in cooperation with competent and notable world-wide market leaders of PV-technology:

Starpak (PTY) LTD

Starpak is South Africa's leading shrinkwrapping manufacturer since 1946. Since its inception, Starpak has designed, engineered and installed over 80,000 packaging systems in 25 countries.

Since the 1st of June 2010, NSI Engineering Services Ltd officially became the Mauritian agent of Starpak Ltd. Together, we provide our local customers with spares as well as assistance with breakdowns, servicing and modifications.

NSI Partners Logos - Wagner & Co and Starpak Ltd