Mission and Vision Statements


Within ten years, to establish NSI as a leading company for the provision of green solutions to all engineering and energy needs throughout the Indian Ocean and even further through promotion of service excellence.


Our mission is to provide innovative and sustainable solutions to local industrial and domestic engineering and energy needs through trust relationships with our people and core partners while continuously fostering greater customer satisfaction.


Friendship We are happiest when we feel connected to others- when we are part of a community. We make it a priority to build relationships with teammates, partners, and customers to promote communication, collaboration, and strong business results.

Integrity Before someone will lend you a hand, you need to touch their heart through reliance on the character, ability, and truth of your business. Business is all about integrity. At NSI, we make sure to honor all commitments and obligation, and ensure bosses, colleagues, and subordinates treat each other with the utmost respect.

Client-focused We recognise that business is about loving the people who do business with you and giving them more value than they have any right to expect. Through honesty, reliability and professionalism, we make sure that customers are taken on a journey from start to finish that makes them go “WOW.”

Innovation Innovation leads to greater efficiency, faster growth, increased market share, and better corporate positioning. Through lifelong learning and personal development and continuous improvement, we are dedicated to relentlessly making things better and passionately discovering new ways to add value, work smarter and move faster.

Profitability Profits make businesses prosper and make sure they can develop services to foster greater customer satisfaction. We constantly set challenging objectives, actively monitor performance and take timely corrective action. We spend money wisely through conducting business in the most cost-effective manner.